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Welcome to Southside Metals!

Southside Metals has over 35 years of experience in the ornamental metalwork industry. During that time, we have handled all types of projects ---large and small--- for residential, commercial and industrial customers.

We are committed to offering the best quality products and services. We take the time to find out what you need so that we may create a beautiful fence, gate or railing for your home or office building. Ornamental wrought iron can add the finishing touches to any structure. Metalwork also serves as a safety feature, with strong and durable railings for stairways and walkways; important features for any building.

At Southside, we can handle all your metal work needs. With over 35 years of experience in the industry, we guarantee you the best service and quality. Call me today and let us assist you in adding the finishing touches to your structure. Estimates are gladly provided at no charge.

Randy Valentine, Owner
Interior & Exterior Railings
railing example
Wrought iron railings are not just for looks. Unlike aluminum, steel offers a solid level of durability, protection and security for your home or business property.

In a commercial or industrial environment, we will typically use tubular steel to ensure safety, strength and economy.
Gates and Fences
gate example
There is nothing that adds more elegance, beauty and security to your home, garden or office than a single or double gated wrought iron gate.

Whether the existing structure is brick or wood, a wrought iron gate can generally be added without difficulty.
staircase example
Often, metal staircases are used in exterior applications. However, wrought iron is a beautiful way to enhance the interior of your home or office.

If you are designing or renovating your home or office, take a look at adding a wrought iron staircase instead of wood.
Windows & Balconies
balcony example
The charm and durability of a wrought iron balcony railing will add to the value of your home or business-office.

A wrought iron balcony railing is the best choice for giving your home a classic look, while also providing strength, durability and safety.
All metalwork is custom designed to fit your requirements.
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